Welcome to the State of Seething

Seething is a State dedicated to using creativity to bring people together. It is open to everyone join in whenever and wherever they like. We believe that by creating things and bringing people together we can release talents and energies in our community in a positive, engaging and sharing way.

Our journey began with the retelling of the legend ‘Lefi Ganderson - the Goat Boy of Mount Seething’ in 2009. Last heard in 1921 this heartwarming tale shows the triumph of good over evil and the ability of one individual to change the lives of many. It asks the question - ‘what can we do to make life better for everyone?’ You can hear and read Lefi’s story by clicking here

Since then the people of Seething, Surbiton have been working to develop a stronger sense of community by creating events and happenings that everyone can join in with.

Recently we opened the Museum of Futures

and The Community Kitchen. Our work was

recognised when we won the national

Britain has Spirit competition.

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The Museum of Futures
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